In order to ensure a positive and safe camp for all participants the following Camper Policy has been created.  Please read them over carefully, discuss them with your son/daughter and sign in the appropriate spot on the Camper Application Form to acknowledge your understanding of this Policy.

1.  All students must attend all scheduled activities, meetings and respect all time limits and curfews.

2.  Possession or use of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco is forbidden.

3.  Swimming is not permitted.  Waterfront activities are not open to York Music Camp Students.

4.  Campers should treat staff, faculty and other professionals with courtesy and respect.  If problems arise between students and or staff they should be   discussed with the student's teacher to arrive at a satisfactory resolution.

5.  Campers must respect others, their property and belongings as well as camp facilities, building and equipment.  York Music Camp and Camp Wahanowin are not responsible of liable for any lost or damaged camper property.

6.  Males campers are not permitted in female cabins and female campers are not allowed in male cabins

7.  Campers may not leave the camp at any time without the permission of the Wahanowin Camp Director and York Music Camp Director.

8.  Camp activities and equipment cannot be used without the proper permission supervision of camp staff.

9.  From camper "bedtime" until camper "wake-up" all campers must remain in their cabins

Please take a moment to review these guidelines and seek clarification from your teacher if necessary.  Misinterpretation, misunderstanding or contrevention of any of the above rules and guidelines may result in the consequences listed below.:

a) counselling

b) removal of privileges

c) confinement to cabin

d)  compensation for damages

e)  return home

York Music Camp may wish to publish photos of videos of our campers.  Your signature in the appropriated space on the Application Form grants York Music Camp permission to use your son or daughter's picture of video image in promotional or archival material.

Your signature in the appropriate space on the Camper Application Form acknowledges an understanding and agreement with York Music Camp's Camper Policy as outlined above.

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